Ballistic Armor

Nova Graphene™ is currently working on a contract for the Canadian military to develop lightweight ballistic plating for personal protection using traditional construction with CarbonEra graphene enhancement. 

Currently we are optimizing for Level III certification, as per National Institute of Justice (NIJ) standards, and upgrade that to Level IV in the near future. 

Properties thus far include:

· lightweight (60-70% lighter than standard ceramic plates - light enough that they float);

· minimal spalling - rounds tend to be caught & held by the plates;
· UV resistant;

· water resistant;

· "Soldier-Proof" - unlike ceramic-based plates, can be dropped, thrown, and kicked without compromising structural integrity of the plate;

· can withstand direct impact from multiple rounds;

· Custom thermoformable options available.  

Current ballistic protection systems – or “bullet-proof armor” – tend to be heavy, bulky, and limit mobility, agility and endurance.  The current standard is a ceramic plate which is typically rated for one direct hit and weighs in at as much as 12 pounds.

  Currently, our Level III plates are weighing in at 1.6kg grams (3.52 pounds), are flexible allowing for increased mobility and are demonstrating superior ballistic resistance of current plates – with R&D still underway, we anticipate end of research specification to quickly “disrupt” this sector – lighter, stronger – simply better!   

Nova Graphene™ was chosen from an elite field to spearhead these important R&D efforts. We are honored to be working to provide improved ballistic & blast protection for the members of our military. As our production capability continues to expand, we also look forward to making our expanding line of products available to our allies, as well as to members of law enforcement.

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