Paints & Coatings

Preliminary work has commenced in-house on the development of marine antifouling paint utilizing CarbonEra in place of harmful biocides & sacrificial metals.  Results thus far have been exceptional, outperforming expensive yacht antifouling paints that we have tested.  As well, it does not rust or rot, and demonstrates enhanced resistance to cracking, blistering, and peeling.  Longer life cycles save costs and lengthens maintenance cycles.  Paints and coatings - CarbonEra™ graphene makes it better!

It is expected that once optimized, the natural antimicrobial, lubricity, and hydrophobic nature of the CarbonEra graphene formulation will significantly reduce hydrodynamic drag on the hull, thereby improving fuel efficiency, decreasing emissions, and (depending upon hull shape) even increase speed. 

CarbonEra™ graphene makes it better!
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