COVID-19 Response

In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19), Nova Graphene is acting to ensure the continuity of our services and supply of graphene products. Currently, we do not anticipate any significant disruptions.

Protocols we have established to protect staff & public:

- Appointed a senior staff member to monitor this fluid situation and facilitate procedures that will ensure continuity of critical operations;

- Maximizing inventory levels of raw materials and finished goods;

- Working closely with suppliers to avoid or minimize supply chain disruptions;

- Educating and supporting the NG team to ensure their well-being. Work from home and a high measure of in-house distance protocols have been enacted to minimize risk of exposure.

We are committed to keeping our staff, partners, and public safe while continuing to provide our products and service throughout this situation. Thank you for your trust in Nova Graphene, our products, and our commitment to innovation and service excellence.


Paul Beasant

Nova Graphene™ is a leading provider of proprietary CarbonEra™ graphene blends & formulations. Able to supply in industrial quantities, we continue to develop single and multi-layer graphene amendments for myriad applications, including: 

In addition, Nova Graphene is developing & optimizing graphene amendments for other sectors, including: 

Our proprietary additive formulations are sold under trade names that include CarbonEra Black™, CarbonEra Platinum™, & CarbonEra Diamond™  These formulations are integrated in the production process of other products to make them stronger, harder, lighter, fire resistant, more energy efficient… – Simply Better! 

What is Graphene?

Pure Graphene is a one-atom-thick layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice.  One of the thinnest substances known, it features unique properties including:

  • Over 200x stronger than steel
  • Harder than diamond
  • 10x more thermally conductive & 20x more electrically conductive than copper
  • Naturally hydrophobic, antimicrobial, and lubricious
  • Does not rust or rot
  • Inert - appropriate for BioMed applications

Graphene offers an unrivalled combination of tensile, electrical, thermal and optical properties. 

CarbonEra™ graphene makes it better!
Nova Graphene™ We Make It Better!