Graphene liquid

Concrete & Asphalt

Early test results have demonstrated that our CarbonEra  graphene blends infused in concrete is currently achieving 50% increase in compression strength and is curing 3.2 times faster.  Tests are also revealing a decrease in water leaching; (-90%) with only modest single & multi-layer graphene amendments.

  Concrete & Asphalt

We have independent tests ongoing in North America, the EU, and Egypt with both research institutions and industry partners.   These are expanding to include formulations to improve flexoral strength; improve heat dispersion to lessen Heat Island effects; and add electrical conductivity to allow for de-icing. 

CarbonEra™ additive formulation tests have commenced with asphalt applications in the US and Canada as well.  Increased strength and a reduction in water absorption offers promising possibilities in the parking lot, residential driveway and road construction sectors.  Results are pending and expected to be equally impressive. 


Nova Graphene™ sees early stage applications with road surfaces, driveways, walkways, patio decks, precast brick, slabs, and so much more!  

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