Our Team


Paul Beasant

CEO of Nova Graphene™  

Paul has worked in renewable energy for the past 6 years and is a founder, and director with the i-Valley Intelligent Community Association out of Acadia University while serving on the Board of the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce for four-years. 

He is also on the Advisory Board of the National Graphene Association (U.S.), is a Principal with Nova Graphene 3D, The Ironbound Surf Company, Nova Agra Inc., and Synergistic Energy Systems.

Paul has a strong background as an entrepreneur and has worked as a business development executive and consultant for several years. 

Paul has extensive international experience, having traveled to nearly 50-countries, and has lived and worked on 4 continents.

Paul has built strong relationships with technology providers for the past 4-years and will focus on business development and sales. 


John Gelwics

 John has over 15 years of experience developing pyrolysis technology and co-products. He has extensive experience in raising capital, negotiating strategic partnerships and implementation of integrated technologies. Under his leadership, Genesis was awarded CIG grant from USDA. His 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry, including a decade in Sony Pictures Studios, gives him unique capabilities and relationships for marketing and sales for Nova Graphene. 


Tom Byrne

Graphene Advisor, Canada and Europe

Tom is a Civil/Structural Engineer with over 35-years of broad experience in planning, design, project management and construction for commercial, residential,golf course and resort projects.

Tom believes Graphene is the game changer in the future evolution of living conditions for mankind.

Tom makes a difference in the lives of people and has been involved as a director and technical director for significant property and commercial development projects in Ireland, UK, Spain, Germany, USA, the Caribbean, Argentina, Brazil, and Canada.

He retains strong contacts throughout all of these regions with people who want to make a difference and maintains a keen interest in advanced materials, smart development, clean transportation fuels, green technologies and their real-world applications. 



Robert Salah


Business Development

An MBA grad and professional managing engineer, Robert has 40- years of experience in the private and public sectors.  

Robert directed the procurement function of the Province of Nova Scotia, where he oversaw an annual budget of $600 million and a staff of 60 people and was responsible for all goods, services, and contracts.

He was also responsible for some of the most creative and rewarding initiatives in which the Province became involved and was previously involved in several successful private initiatives.


Michael Wyse ​


Business Development

Michael has served as a business owner, advisor, lender, strategic planning consultant, an international franchise expansion manager and economic development professional over the past 30-years.

His roles In several private sector organizations and government departments provide him with an in-depth understanding of how political and bureaucratic engines intertwine to create business development policy, strategy, and funding frameworks.

With a master’s degree in education, Michael’s passion for international development led him to earn an MBA with a double major in Corporate Social Responsibility and human resource training and development.

He has considerable experience working with international development agencies, serving clients from over 45-countries to design and launch entrepreneurship, business, and economic development initiatives in many international destinations.

His accomplishments vary from being the lead entrepreneurship specialist in the design of Ghana’s national post-secondary entrepreneurship curriculum, the development of a community engagement model and strategy for a mining concession in Suriname and being the manager of international operations for 18 business development centers in Canada, Sweden, and South Africa.

Michael was also one of three curriculum developers who designed and launched an award-winning youth ‘Transition from Prison’ program launched in five-prisons in Portugal.


Paul Empey

  Advisory Board Member

Paul has experience in building plants and managing international business, including Ocean Nutrition and Hercules SLR.  He is currently President & CEO of Precision Biologics. ​A mature and experienced leader, Paul’s major strengths include operational leadership, change management, strong business acumen, effective communication skills, relationship development, and strong interpersonal skills. ​Paul is certified in DiSC, 360 Evaluations, Leadership Development, Disciplines of Business Execution and Certified Professional Coach. He has years of cross-functional Senior and Executive Management roles with a track record of working in organizations going through high growth and change, always focusing on Employee Engagement and Leadership Development as a management tool. ​He has developed successful programs that directly contribute to the growth and profitability of organizations, always focusing on fiscal responsibility.   Paul played influential roles negotiating with foreign companies and governments to establish supply chain opportunities. He is comfortable in the boardroom, as well as on the plant floor, and has the ability to bridge the gap in employee engagement and trust with senior management that challenge today’s organizations. 


Tom Woods


Business Development - Marketing 

Tom’s vision is to empower investors and economic development teams with at-hand disruptive technologies, renewable energy and advanced materials like CarbonEra Graphene products that contribute competitive advantages which will reshape the global economy; an economy where people, planet and profits are valued equally.

Tom’s vast business experience ranges from Executive Vice President of Sales and e+Education, business and non-profit CEO, commercial diver, and fishermen.

He is a Naval Air War Veteran and a professional Leadership coach working with individuals and corporations.

As a conservationist and business executive, Tom has been acknowledged for his professional marketing skills responsible for millions of dollars of sales revenue generation and has applied his experience in fund-raising to assist non-profit organizations such as “Heal the Bay” and “World Music Radio.” 

He is presently the founding President of “Reef Guardians Hawaii”, a non-profit organization which is dedicated to education and research that will help halt the destruction of coral reefs in Hawaii and other locations around the world.

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